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Keeping a lawn looking fresh and green can be a challenge, especially during the hot and dry summers in the Redding area.  Many individuals living here choose to maintain the health of their yard using a sprinkler system.  While this is a wonderful option to keep lawns looking their best, it can turn into a nightmare when sprinkler systems breaks or malfunctions.

Water Conservation

When you discover that your sprinkler system is encountering problems, there is no need to be concerned – simply give our sprinkler repair man a call!  At RLLC, we realize that a healthy lawn involves a lot of work providing watering services and we are proud to offer a professional sprinkler and irrigation repair and maintenance team.  Our trained team is not only passionate about helping repair your watering system but is also a strong believer in water conservation.  When you work with RLLC, you are doing what’s best for your yard while being conscience of the envirornment! 

Drip Irrigation Near Me

At RLLC, our sprinkler repair service works to pinpoint issues with the system and then strives to restore it so that it works like new.  Our irrigation team will set up a time to look at your sprinklers and will then work to repair it in a timely manner, giving you the chance to continue watering your grass before it can show the ill effects of the heat.

Sprinkler Repair Costs

Some people are frightened to get their sprinkler system repaired because they feel that the cost will be overwhelming.  Thankfully, when you choose to let RLLC help you with your system, you can rest assured that your irrigation repair cost will be as low as possible.  Located in the Redding, our professionals will be able to reach you quickly and with little time and with the right parts on hand – because of this you can expect fair prices without wasting time.  When you choose Redding Landscape & Lawn Care, you know that your money is going toward paying for the correct parts and repair – not travel expenses. 

Irrigation Installation in Redding

Not only do we offer repair services for sprinklers, but are also are proud to offer entire irrigation system installation.  Our team of professionals will gladly look over your entire watering systems that will keep your grass, trees, and other plants staying healthy and fresh.  With our priority in conserving water, we will go the extra mile to make sure that all of systems save the largest amount of water during times of drought while still providing your yard with the greatest benefits.

Let Us Help You

Ultimately, having a good sprinkler system can make all the difference between a lawn that looks healthy and a crunchy mess.  You’ve worked hard to be sure that your lawn is well maintained and landscaped – to make sure that it reflects that care, you need a sprinkler system that will work.  Our team at RLLC is proud to offer sprinkler maintenance services that will have your system back in working order in the fastest time and at the lowest cost.  To learn more about our irrigation repair services and how we can help you keep your yard looking healthy, contact us at 530-441-2958.  We are anxious to help ensure your lawn is properly watered!

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