Lawn Services in Redding CA

Lawn Care in Redding

At RLLC, we understand the importance of having regular yard maintenance.  While we have the necessary skills to do a complete redesign, we also recognize that many people just need help doing basic tasks such as keeping their grass trimmed and their plants looking healthy.  To best care for our customers, we offer a wide range of lawn care services that seek to provide solutions to the regular needs of our clients. 

One-time Yard Clean Up

Lawn Maintenance

Leaf Blower

Gardening Service

Landscape Fertilization

Fertilize Lawns and Shrubs


Plants require a lot of care and attention to detail.  Our gardening team will examine plants, giving them the necessary water, nutrients, and bug killer necessary to make sure that your flowers, bushes and shrubs survive and thrive.

Walkway Cleanup

Excessive dirt and debris on walkways is not only ugly but it can also become slippery when it is wet.  We work to remove this debris using a professional blower.  With our landscape maintenance, we make sure that your paths, patios, and driveways are kept clean and ready for use.

Tree Trimming

Overgrown trees are not only an eyesore, but they can also become dangerous.  Our RLLC Team will work to keep trees trimmed to perfection, making sure to get rid of dead branches.  With our eye for details, we will keep trees trimmed to good form and looking their best. 

Tree Trimming

Shrubs Shaping

Weed Management

Mowing & Edging Lawns

Trim Hedges

Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Care Companies in Redding CA

With our careful lawn care services, we seek to keep your whole yard at the optimal level.  By trimming the grass to the standard size, we make sure that your yard stays healthy and fresh without appearing overgrown and unkept.  Our weed-eating services make it easy for us to trim around hard-to-reach places such as banks, walls, and pathways.

Landscaping Companies Redding CA

Even the most beautiful landscapes can quickly become an eyesore when they are not properly maintained.  With Redding Landscape & Lawn Care, we strive to keep up with the little jobs that take so much time, making it possible for your entire property to look its best while you are required to put forth no effort.  With our lawn maintenance, you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor space without any sweat or wasted time on your part.

What Set’s Us Apart

At RLLC, we are proud to offer the best services in the Redding, CA area.  We treat each client as if they are our main focus and display this by cleaning our tools between each property that we service to prevent the spread of weeds.  We also sharpen our blades regularly to ensure that grass is trimmed evenly and with the best precision.

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